Fisherman Sanpai

Introducing the CR Tsurikichi Sanpei 99VM, a delightful addition to the "Toyomaru Playmore Collection" from Toyomaru Industry....
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Fisherman Sanpai

Fisherman Sanpai

$749.99 $449.99

Fisherman Sanpai

$749.99 $449.99

Introducing the CR Tsurikichi Sanpei 99VM, a delightful addition to the "Toyomaru Playmore Collection" from Toyomaru Industry. This sequel to the beloved "CR Tsurikichi Sanpei" from about a decade ago is designed for ease of play, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned players and newcomers.

Product Features:

  • Jackpot Probability: With a generous probability of 1/99.9 and an even higher chance of 1/77.7 during high probability mode, this machine offers frequent winning opportunities.

  • Sanpei Time (ST) Continuation Rate: Approximately 66.2% continuation rate in Sanpei Time enhances the player’s chance for extended gameplay and more winnings.

  • Diverse Payouts: The machine dispenses approximately 350 to 1480 balls per jackpot, as per manufacturer’s data, ensuring varied and exciting wins.

  • Variable Jackpot Rounds: With 5, 10, and 15 round count options, players can experience different levels of excitement and rewards.

  • Innovative Features: The machine’s highlight is the variable electric support (Sanpei Time) post-certain jackpots, offering an exciting chain mode of gameplay.

  • Special Rounds: 'Bakuryu RUSH' adds a thrilling element by potentially increasing the number of electric support spins, with 'Uki Uki 10' as a unique prelude feature indicating the activation of Bakuryu RUSH.

  • Multiple Entry Paths to Infinite ST: Players can ascend to 'Infinite Sanpei Time' through multiple routes, including special jackpot alignments, the ‘Muugen Sanpei Time’ jackpot, or directly via the 'Muttsugorou Chance' challenge in normal play.

  • Themed after the Classic Manga: Based on the iconic manga series, the machine integrates elements from the story, offering a nostalgic and engaging experience for fans.

  • Specifications: This light-middle type machine offers a range of gameplay options, suitable for various playing styles.

The CR Tsurikichi Sanpei 99VM is not just a pachinko machine; it's a celebration of a classic manga, brought to life in an engaging game format. With its user-friendly design and exciting gameplay, it promises to be a hit among enthusiasts and casual players alike. Get ready for a fishing adventure with CR Tsurikichi Sanpei 99VM, where every spin brings the excitement of the catch!

Model Name CR Fishing Kichi Sanpei 99VM
Probability 1/99
Release Date 2015-05-25
Frame T15
Model Website

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