About us

In July 2018, our quest for a Cleopatra slot machine for our game room took an unexpected turn. We stumbled upon a Pachinko machine, a 2002 Sankyo Fever Egyptian model, and were instantly intrigued. Contrary to our belief that Pachinko machines were just old wooden games on pegboards, this one dazzled us with its digital display and flashing lights. The seller, in the midst of moving and unable to get the game working, generously offered it to us for free. After a few hours of cleaning and tinkering, we brought it to life, and it was nothing short of mind-blowing.

This discovery led us down a rabbit hole of exploration. "Do they make newer versions? Different themes?" we wondered. Our research introduced us to models themed after our favorite anime, Cowboy Bebop, and other fascinating ones like Lupin the III - I'm a Super Hero. Their flashy designs, animatronics, and engaging music were all over the top. We'd never seen anything like this.

As our curiosity grew, so did our collection. We went from one Pachinko machine to five within a month, then from five to twenty to eventually a huge warehouse to store 1,000 (the space requirements at this scale are no joke). 

The journey wasn't easy. We faced a year of of trial and error learning how to efficiently order from Japan, ship without breakage (both internationally and domestically), repair machines, and find the best suppliers. We even hired a team in Japan to build a network of distributors, ensuring we get everything we want at reasonable prices with exceptional quality.

Now, we're excited to share our passion with you. We offer the best quality Pachinko machines in the world at reasonable prices, sparing you the steep learning curve we experienced. As collectors ourselves, we invest over 40 hours in each machine to ensure perfection. With us, you're guaranteed to receive only the finest, pristine Pachinko machines.

Embark on your own Pachinko adventure with us. Explore our collection and find your perfect game. Your journey into the electrifying world of Pachinko starts here!