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In July of 2018, we were looking for a Cleopatra slot machine for our game room. We can across a Pachinko machine and intrigued that it had a digital display, flashing lights and wasn't at all what we thought Pachinko was. We thought Pachinko were older wooden games on a peg board, which isn't very interesting to us. We couldn't have been more wrong..

The person selling the Pachinko machine was moving, couldn't get the game working and decided to give us the game for free. It was a 2002 Sankyo Fever Egyptian machine. After spending a few hours cleaning it, we finally got it working and it blew our minds. We asked ourselves "do they make newer versions and different themes?", after doing a bit of research we found models of our favorite anime Cowboy Bebop and stumbled across some others we've never heard of that were just so impressive like Lupin the III - I'm a Super Hero. Both these games were just so flashy, had incredible animatronics, engaging music that we just had to have them. So we went from owning 1 to 5 Pachinko games over the next month. The month after that 5 to 20 and fast forward to over 1,000 today.

Months of trial and error ensued regarding how to efficiently order from Japan, how to ship Pachinko machines without breakage, how to repair them and who can supply them at best prices. We hired a small team in Japan to help us build up a vast network of distributors to source everything we could possibly want at fair prices.

We are sharing our passion with you by offering the best quality Pachinko machines at reasonable prices without having to undergo the significant learning curve we did. Perfection is what we strive for and deliver from the Pachinko machines we sell, as we are collectors ourselves. We've spent upward of 40 hours getting Pachinko machines up to our standard. Rest assured you are only getting the absolutely best, pristine Pachinko machines possible.