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March 2024

A ton of new machines this month and more around the introduction of a new "lucky trigger" feature.

Model Name
3/4 e Shin Evangelion K Middle 1/319 JB Cygnus
3/4 P Fist of the North Star Strong Enemy SSPA Sweet Digi 1/99 Sammy Crystal Air
3/4 P Aria the Scarlet Ammo ~Hihigami Descend~LH equipped FSZ Light Middle 1/99 Fuji Shoji Shinen
3/4 P Tensai Bakabon 7 ~Fukugami Spec~ LTH-JH Light 1/129 D-Light Freedom
3/4 P Shin Zatoichi Monogatari DL-MX Light Middle 1/207 Newgin Kurofune
3/4 P Saki-Saki-National Edition HBB Sweet Digi 1/119 Sanyo G-drive
3/4 P Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion 3Y Sweet Digi 1/99 Bisty Neostella
3/4 P Wan Nyan Adventure HBF Sweet Digi 1/119 SanThree Cross Braid
3/4 P God's blessing on this wonderful world! LT3 Light Middle 1/199 Toyomaru T16S
3/4 PLT OVERPACHINKO-ME Light Middle 1/197 Sansei R&D Gold Impact
3/4 P GⅠ Yushun Club 2 HT Sweet Digi 1/99 Konami Platinum Tiara
3/4 PA Fever Powerful R Sweet Digi 1/99 Sankyo Neostella
3/18 P Funky Doctor H Sweet Digi - Maruhon R1
3/18 P The Seven Deadly Sins V3B Light 1/129 Takao Kirepanda
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