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What do I need to play Pachinko at home?
  • A properly rated 120v Transformer for US use. Newer games use about 8 amps, our Transformers are rated up to 10A
  • Minimally 500 Pachinko Balls. 1000-1500 is comfortable
  • A Card Reader (CR) Adapter. These are required for the shooter knob to work outside of a Parlor environment
  • A Stand to keep the machine upright if it’s not going in a cabinet
  • A bin to catch the non-winning balls in the back
  • A bin to catch winnings
What do Modern Pachinko's machines include?
Flexible packages are now available ranging from DIY to ultimate collector's edition to fit any budget. Learn more. All pachinko machine purchases include the following:
  • Door Key
  • Settings Key (as appropriate)
  • Initial exterior cleaning and polish
  • Unlimited Technical support
What are the dimensions of Pachinko machines?
Typical machines are 20.5 in x 14 in x 32 in
Are Pachinko Machines new?
Pachinko Machines are required to be used in parlors first. However, a machine could be purchased on the day of release. It would be incredibly expensive and not recommended.
What the condition of the machines?
The longer a pachinko machine is in a pachinko parlor, the more wear is put on the machine. We purchase the majority of our machines between 3-12 months of release to ensure they're in collector condition. Machines that are in service between 2-3yrs usually have some signs of wear (minor scratches, dings). Those machines are listed as Hot Deals machines and are priced accordingly.
Prior to 2020, smoking was allowed in-doors and it takes quite a toll by coating machines in smoke and tar throughout the machine. Our Victory package restores the machine to its natural luster.
Are Pachinko Machines loud?
In the past, the rule of thumb was that volume controls were required. Today, there are few models that truly require it. For example:
  • Sankyo machines at their lowest setting are a tad too loud for us (85-90dB).
  • Kyoraku/Okay machines play elevator music at deafening levels for 15sec when turned on, then the machine can be played at zero volume if you choose. (100dB). On certain models, before elevator music it was a deafening siren.
If you are concerned about volume, please ask.