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Samuari Champloo 2

Samuari Champloo 2


The Legend Returns: Samurai Champloo's Second Installment! Unveiling the illustrious successor of the popular pachislot series. Dive deep into the heart of the Edo Era with every spin and relive the cassette effects that made its predecessor a legend—experience the thrill of rewinding, the suspense of sudden playback, and the adrenaline of fast-forwarding!

🌟 Features & Highlights 🌟

  • A Legacy Continued: From the house of Taiyo EC, this machine embodies the spirit of the famed Samurai Champloo series, now in its sensational second installment.
  • Engaging Gameplay: As a 'Middle' type, it masterfully blends challenge with reward.
  • Prize Ball Dynamics: Indulge in the gaming unpredictability with awards of 3, 10, or 13 prize balls.
  • Aim for the Jackpot: With an enticing jackpot probability of 1/316.9, and an even more thrilling 1/35.2 during high-chance moments!

🔴 Retro Elegance, Modern Mastery 🔴

  • Showcased in a radiant ALDIO red frame, this machine pairs aesthetic allure with a gaming sensation.
  • Embrace the golden era of anime, capturing the essence of Samurai Champloo, an iconic creation by Manglobe, 2004.

Authentic Rarity, Certified ✨ Debuted in January 2011 and endorsed by the Osaka Prefecture Public Safety Commission, the CR Samurai Champloo 2 MTZ is not just a machine—it's a piece of pachislot history. With its certification expiring in 2013, it stands as a rare relic of gaming.

💎 Pristine & Prime 💎 Exemplifying excellence, its condition is beyond compare, making it a unique and rare find for collectors and enthusiasts.

Youtuber Kikimimi has an excellent video of this of machine! Check it out.

Model Name CR Samurai Champloo 2 MTZ
Probability 1/316
Release Date 2011-11
Frame Aldio
Model Website
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  • Exterior Detailing
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