Pink Lady

Unleash the nostalgia of Japan's iconic pop culture with Amtex's 2021 Pink Lady Pachinko Machine. A tribute...
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Pink Lady

Pink Lady

$1,099.99 $1,024.99

Pink Lady

$1,099.99 $1,024.99

Unleash the nostalgia of Japan's iconic pop culture with Amtex's 2021 Pink Lady Pachinko Machine. A tribute to the legendary pop duo Pink Lady, this pachinko machine lets you revel in their classic hits while indulging in a captivating gaming experience. Designed with fans in mind, "P Pink Lady" is not just a game; it's a celebration of music and fun.

Key Features:

  • Musical Legacy: Enjoy a library of Pink Lady's songs as you play, with the music fueling the excitement and bringing a unique auditory dimension to the pachinko experience.

  • Variable Loop Gameplay: With a clear and simple "Jackpot probability of 1/319.6" and a "TOTAL continuation rate of approximately 76%", this machine offers straightforward yet thrilling gameplay.

  • Generous Jackpot System: Align the numbers and patterns to unleash a rewarding jackpot of 1,500 shots, a generous payout that adds to the thrill of the game.

  • Kokuhen LIVE Mode: Immerse yourself in the prolonged excitement with the "Kokuhen LIVE Mode", where the electric support continues until the next jackpot hits, entering after the SUPER PINKLADY BONUS and the PinkLady Chance BONUS.

  • Song-Based Chances: During LIVE chance reaches, pay close attention to all 6 songs. Completing the song lineup significantly boosts your odds of hitting the coveted 10R jackpot.

  • Chance Time Feature: The fun doesn't stop at the jackpot—enter a "chance time" with 150 rotations, allowing for a swift and exciting opportunity to score big.

  • Middle Type Specs: The machine's balanced middle type specifications offer a consistent jackpot probability rate and a 60% probability variation rate for engaging gameplay.

  • MAX8 Accumulation: Stay ahead in the game with the "MAX8" feature, letting you gather up to 8 pending items, maximizing your potential rewards.

Your Ticket to Retro Pachinko Glory:

Amtex's 2021 Pink Lady Pachinko Machine is a symphony of engaging gameplay, retro flair, and musical wonder. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the pop duo or a pachinko enthusiast, this machine offers an unparalleled experience that hits all the right notes. Get ready to sing along, play along, and win big with the Pink Lady Pachinko Machine—where every play is a performance!

Model Name P Pink Lady H1YZ3
Probability 1/319
Release Date 2021-04
Frame Blast
Model Website

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