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I want to be the strongest in the world - Pachinko Machine
I want to be the strongest in the world 2

I want to be the strongest in the world 2


The 2nd pachinko installment revolves around Sakura Hagiwara, the lead singer of a popular idol group called Sweet Diva. After an incident involving a confrontation with a pro wrestler, Sakura decides to join the world of female professional wrestling to defend her idol group's honor and prove herself. 

Core machine ships in 1 box. Top ships in 1 smaller box.

Model Name P Sekaide Ichiban RHY
Probability 1/119
Release Date 2022-07
Frame Change the rising
Model Website https://www.sansei-rd.com/products18/p_sekaideichiban_wmsv/
All pachinko machine purchases include:
  • Door Key
  • Settings Key (as applicable)
  • Exterior Detailing
  • Unlimited technical support

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