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CR Puyo Puyo CA
CR Puyo Puyo CA - Game Spec

Puyo Puyo


Based on the incredible video game series Puyo Puyo Pop.

Puyo Puyo, a thrilling tile-matching puzzle game series, burst onto the scene in 1991 and quickly became a hit in Japan. Created by Compile and masterminded by the visionary Masamitsu "Moo" Niitani, Puyo Puyo captivated players with its adorable gelatinous creatures, intense competitive gameplay, and innovative mechanics. Over the years, the franchise has evolved through numerous sequels, each introducing fresh elements such as the ability to offset garbage Puyo, the strategic Sun Puyo mechanic, and character-specific Super Attacks, solidifying Puyo Puyo's legacy as a beloved and enduring classic in the puzzle gaming world.

Model Name CR Puyo Puyo CA
Probability 1/159
Release Date 2017-12
Frame Reincarnation
Model Website https://www.sammy.co.jp/japanese/product/pachinko/2017/cr_puyopuyo/
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