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Ossu! The Gutsy Frog

Ossu! The Gutsy Frog


"Osu! Banchou" and "Gutsy Frog" are collaborating to bring a new and exciting experience featuring the iconic duo Hiroshi and Pyonkichi, as well as the legendary gang leader Todoroki Kongo. In this collaboration, the characters will team up to face their rivals, promising an engaging and thrilling adventure that combines elements from both franchises. Fans of both "Osu! Banchou" and "Gutsy Frog" can look forward to this unique crossover that highlights the strengths and personalities of these beloved characters.

Note: in-stock models are fully functional, but may not achieve our supreme threshold of perfection, and are priced to reflect this. For a limited time this also includes the Reach Package (79.99 value). This is an unprecedented deal and the last ones we will have of this model. Elevate your game room and experience  functional hyper-stimulation art at its finest NOW! Buy with confidence, buy ultimately with the add to cart button above.

Model Name CR OSU! Gutsy Frog A01
Probability 1/99
Release Date 20146-08
Frame Phoenix
Model Website
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