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Girls and Panzer - modernpachinko
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    Girls and Panzer

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     Based on the anime where girls high schools compete in tank warfare.

        Game Details

        Release Date 04/2016
        Jackpot Probability 1/99
        Manufacturer Heiwa
        Gameplay Details Official site


        Included Accessories 

         120v/24v 10A Transformer for USA home use. 120v/24v 10A Transformer for United States usage
        Pachinko Balls 500 Pachinko Balls
        Card Reader Emulator Card Reader Emulator
        Door Key Door Key (and Settings Key where applicable)

        Additional packages are available such our basic detailing service and our Platinum package which include deep machine detailing (recommended for older games), a stand, ball bins, parlor booklets, service manuals only available here and 500 additional pachinko balls.

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