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Golgo 13


Based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series Golgo 13. The machine incorporates elements from the original manga and anime, featuring its iconic protagonist, Duke Togo, as well as various characters and scenarios from the series.

Golgo 13 is a long-running Japanese manga series created by Takao Saito, first published in 1968. The series follows the adventures of a professional assassin named Duke Togo, also known as Golgo 13. He is a cold, emotionless, and highly skilled sharpshooter who takes on various missions, often involving political intrigue or high-stakes espionage, for clients who can afford his exorbitant fees.

Golgo 13 is characterized by its episodic format, with each story arc focusing on a different mission. The series is notable for its meticulous attention to detail, particularly in the areas of firearms, tactics, and international politics. Over the years, the character of Golgo 13 has appeared in various media formats, including an anime television series, feature films, and video games.

Model Name CR Fever Golgo 13 sR
Probability 1/199
Release Date 2019-01
Frame Fortune
Model Website https://www.sankyo-fever.jp/history/machine_detail/id_719.php#detail-spec
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