City Hunter - modernpachinko

City Hunter

Enter the thrilling world of private investigation with the CR City Hunter 3H1BX4 pachinko machine from Heiwa....
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City Hunter - modernpachinko

City Hunter


City Hunter


Enter the thrilling world of private investigation with the CR City Hunter 3H1BX4 pachinko machine from Heiwa. Based on the iconic "City Hunter" anime and manga series, this machine captures the essence of the beloved franchise in a captivating pachinko format. It's a perfect blend of entertainment, strategy, and nostalgia, making it an excellent choice for fans and pachinko enthusiasts alike.

Product Features:

  • Dynamic Gameplay: Immerse yourself in the high-stakes world of "City Hunter" with engaging gameplay and a jackpot probability of 1/319.6. Enjoy the thrill of the chase with every spin!

  • Stylish Visuals: The machine features a hard-boiled visual refresh that stays true to the anime's stylish and action-packed aesthetic. It offers an immersive experience that brings the world of "City Hunter" to life.

  • Innovative Gimmicks: Experience the excitement with a variety of gimmicks that enhance the sense of immersion and bring the drama of "City Hunter" directly to the playfield.

  • Emotional Resonance: Feel the drama and excitement of the "City Hunter" universe with a machine that masterfully blends the dramatic world of the series with the thrill of pachinko gaming.

  • CITY HUNTER RUSH Mode: Key to your success is the "CITY HUNTER RUSH" mode, a special feature that continues until the next jackpot, with a continuation rate of 65%. All jackpots during this mode are 16 rounds, ensuring a high reward potential.

  • Simplified and Transparent Gameplay: After every jackpot, the machine automatically enters either a jackpot continuation mode or a short-play mode, providing a straightforward and enjoyable experience.

  • Exclusive Animation and Reach Scenes: Enjoy special animations and reach scenes unique to this machine, offering a fresh experience even for seasoned "City Hunter" fans.

  • No Hidden Features: The machine boasts a transparent gaming experience with no lurking or minor jackpots, ensuring every jackpot is a rewarding and exciting moment.

The CR City Hunter 3H1BX4 Pachinko Machine is more than a game; it's an action-packed journey through the streets of Tokyo, seeking justice and high rewards. Whether you're a fan of the "City Hunter" series or a pachinko enthusiast looking for an exhilarating new experience, this machine promises to deliver both excitement and nostalgia in a stylish package. Prepare for an adventure like no other with every play!

Model Name CR City Hunter 3H1BX4
Probability 1/319
Release Date 2017-03-21
Frame Rising X
Model Website

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