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Chama 5

Step into the world of Edo-period Japan with the CR Kōmon-sama 5M9AZ Pachinko Machine, a middle-type machine...
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Chama 5

Chama 5


Chama 5


Step into the world of Edo-period Japan with the CR Kōmon-sama 5M9AZ Pachinko Machine, a middle-type machine by Heiwa, adding another chapter to the popular "Kōmon-sama" series. This machine, titled "CR Kōmon-sama Chōju Nihon Manyū 2700km 299ver.," combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with the excitement of modern pachinko gameplay.

Product Features:

  • Kōmon-sama Theme: Immerse yourself in the classic Japanese setting of "Kōmon-sama," featuring elements from the beloved series. The machine’s design and animations capture the essence of Edo-period adventures.

  • Engaging Gameplay Mechanics: With a jackpot probability of 1/299.3 and a high probability time of 1/71.2, the machine offers a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. The ST (shortening time) entry rate of 51% and a continuation rate of 80% ensure frequent and exciting game modes.

  • Unique Go-Chi Device: The machine features a distinctive "Go-Chi Device" (role-play device), which determines the ball's path during right-hand play, leading to either the "Golden Highway" or "Dango Pass."

  • Golden Highway and Dango Pass Routes: Balls directed to the "Golden Highway" flow towards the attacker area, while those directed to the "Dango Pass" can win in the "Go-Chi Pocket," rewarding players with 4 balls.

  • Rich Visuals and Sound: High-definition graphics and soundtracks bring the game's storyline and characters to life, enhancing the gaming experience with traditional Japanese themes.

  • Dynamic Sekai Naoshi RUSH Mode: The "Sekai Naoshi RUSH" mode, entered after winning the "Chōju Bonus" or "Sekai Naoshi Bonus," offers a continuation rate of about 80%, ensuring frequent re-entries and sustained excitement.

  • Generous Payout Opportunities: Players can win approximately 450 to 2,400 balls per jackpot, providing a rewarding experience. Around 50% of jackpots result in a 16-round payout, adding to the potential for significant wins.

  • User-Friendly Interface: With intuitive controls and a clear playfield, the machine is enjoyable and accessible for both experienced players and newcomers to pachinko.

  • Reliable and Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of continuous play, the CR Kōmon-sama 5M9AZ is a robust and enduring addition to any game room.

The CR Kōmon-sama 5M9AZ Pachinko Machine is more than just a game; it's a journey through the historic streets of Edo with one of Japan's most iconic characters. Perfect for fans of the Kōmon-sama series and pachinko enthusiasts looking for a machine with a compelling theme and action-packed gameplay, this machine promises to be a standout addition to any entertainment space. Experience the thrill of Edo-period adventures and the excitement of pachinko with every play!

Model Name CR Komon Chama 5L9AZ
Probability 1/299
Release Date 2014-12
Frame Golden Rock
Model Website

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