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Aria the Scarlett Ammo

Aria the Scarlett Ammo

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Aria the Scarlett Ammo is an action-comedy anime series based on the light novel series of the same name. The story follows high school student Kinji Tooyama, who possesses special abilities that make him a target for terrorists. To protect himself and those around him, Kinji enrolls in a special school for Butei, or armed detectives, and becomes the partner of a skilled and attractive classmate named Aria H. Kanzaki. Together, they work to uncover the mystery behind a series of terrorist attacks and to protect the city from danger. This the pachinko in the series.

Note: Frame color is Yellow.

All pachinko machine purchases include the following:

  • Door Key
  • Settings Key (as appropriate)
  • Initial exterior cleaning and polish
  • Unlimited technical support

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