AKB48 - Rose Ceremony

Introducing the latest sensation in the world of pachinko, the CR Pachinko AKB48 Bara no Gishiki V9,...
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AKB48 - Rose Ceremony

AKB48 - Rose Ceremony


AKB48 - Rose Ceremony


Introducing the latest sensation in the world of pachinko, the CR Pachinko AKB48 Bara no Gishiki V9, meticulously crafted by Kyoraku. This machine is a sequel to the immensely popular "CR Pachinko AKB48" series and features an enhanced experience with new music and exciting gameplay, perfect for AKB48 fans and pachinko enthusiasts alike.

Product Features:

  • Lively AKB48 Theme: Step into the world of Japan's beloved idol group AKB48 and its sister groups NMB48 and SKE48. This machine features members like Sayaka Yamamoto and Miyuki Watanabe, offering an immersive and star-studded pachinko experience.

  • Expansive Music Library: Boasting an impressive collection of 88 songs, up from 60 in the previous version, this machine provides a diverse and dynamic soundtrack, enhancing the gameplay with every spin.

  • Innovative Real-Time Clock Feature: The RTC (Real-Time Clock) function has evolved, offering unique events like the "Bara no Gishiki Performance" and "Surprise Game," which start simultaneously across all machines, adding a real-time competitive edge.

  • MUSIC RUSH Mode: With a continuation rate of approximately 72%, the MUSIC RUSH mode is a highlight, offering a chance to win up to 2,000 balls in a single jackpot, with a probability of 50%.

  • Engaging Challenges and Special Events: The machine includes interactive features like the "SKE Underclassmen Challenge" and "NMB Teppeen Challenge," along with special modes like "4・8 Oshi Kyuin Mode," adding variety and excitement to the gameplay.

  • Enhanced Design and Visuals: The machine's design captures the essence of the AKB48 experience, featuring vibrant graphics and LED lighting that reflect the energy and glamour of the idol group.

  • User-Friendly Gameplay: With intuitive controls and an easy-to-understand interface, both newcomers and seasoned pachinko players can enjoy the game seamlessly.

  • Robust and Reliable Construction: Built with quality materials, the CR Pachinko AKB48 Bara no Gishiki V9 is designed to withstand the excitement of continuous play, ensuring a long-lasting gaming experience.

The CR Pachinko AKB48 Bara no Gishiki V9 is more than just a pachinko machine; it's a celebration of Japan's pop culture and the excitement of AKB48. Perfect for fans of the idol group and pachinko players looking for a lively and engaging gaming experience, this machine is sure to be a standout addition to any game room or entertainment space. Get ready to be swept away by the music and charm of AKB48!

Model Name CR Pachinko AKB48 Rose Ritual V9
Probability 1/199
Release Date 2014-08-01
Frame Big surprise
Model Website https://www.kyoraku.co.jp/lineup/2014/akb48/

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