After you order, we prep the game for shipment. It generally takes us 1-3 business days to complete. Games typically arrive in 1 box and all the accessories in another totaling 140lb. Prices range from 100-300 USD depending on weight and destination. To avoid breakage we use new double-wall boxes, line the perimeter with 1/2" hard foam and then surround the machine with 2" soft foam allowing for no movement. And of course, plaster "fragile", "handle with care" and "this side up" stickers in addition to multiple straps. The price may seem significant, but it pales in comparison to the energy investment required to successfully process a claim with FedEx. We take dated pictures and videos of the machine working and of the packaging process in the off chance a claim is needed. It is critical that you take pictures before you open the boxes proving the condition should something not work as expected. Lastly, save all packing material until you have verified the game is working as expected.
Depends on the age of the game, but games within the last 5yrs are generally available to order. We just recently launched and are still in process of uploading all our inventory. If you're looking for a newer game, odds are we have it on-hand. Please call, IM or email us for more information.
Between 1-3 weeks. We'll place the order within 24hrs of receiving your order with our business partners in Japan. Once confirmed, you'll be charged using the payment method provided. We will provide updates throughout the process.
The resale market for Pachinko is complicated and somewhat comparable to the stock market. Prices fluctuate hourly. Why? What sets us apart is that is that we have our amazon-like system for sourcing the best deals from the largest network of Pachinko distributors. Our prices are based off what it would cost us to order another unit. When a game is first introduced the price is about 5,000 USD. Within a few months, it drops significantly for about 1-2yrs then tends to skyrocket back up. For example, Star Wars - Battle of Vader was really common for a couple years. That was imported like crazy and other companies were able to sell that machine for about 500. Now, it's beyond the 3yr game lifecycle and out of all parlors so whatever is left on the resale market is all that's left which is driving the price way up to almost 1500. Pachinko games that are about 1.5 years old or generally in low demand will have the lowest price.
Before we started Modern Pachinko, we experimented ordering through literally every channel available to assess the best ways to source. What we learned is that no one really cleans machines (don't get us started on international packaging!). These machines operate in smoke-filled environments for quite a long time. It's not uncommon for us to get a machine where most the insides are the color of a beer bottle. We're collectors and we want it as pristine as possible. It's important to us that we provide you that new-like experience as well. Our detailing consists of: • Removing all smoke residue from the gameboard, ball track, ball hopper, door and we'll remove the cell and clean the remainder of the frame • Deburr the Pins and remove all the gunk and oxidation from the Pins (even on the inside). This takes us hours and several hundred Q-tips • Align Pins to factory settings as needed • Sand and stain the wood perimeter of the frame • Install volume controls (and knobs!) • Lubricate animatronics (also known as gimmicks) Plastic polish throughout
○ A key to open the door ○ A ball tray ○ Heavy-duty stand made of 1" thick Douglas Fir that bolts directly to the machine ○ 500 *clean* Pachinko balls ○ 100v stock transformer (US transformer advised) ○ CR adapter (required for the shooter knob to fire) ○ Manual (when provided) ○ Maintenance guide
100v stock transformers work fine. However, if you leave them plugged in (even with the machine off) they are ~20% over their capacity and run hot. To mitigate, we use large 375v 15a transformers. Usually, 1 375v transformer can power up to 3 machines. 120v transformers can be produced, however the manufacture requires a large purchase quantity to produce them and the cost is more than the 375v transformer. As safety is a core priority to us, we provide these to you at our unit cost.
We're collectors. When there's a game we're super passionate about, we want everything related to it. That includes chair covers, game play booklets and other promotional material. We buy this in bulk and try to align it our stock as best we can. If there's something you want, contact us and we'll do our best to get it.We're also working on building custom ball hoppers, ball management systems and multi-machine management systems. There are options available today for a few of these, but the import cost is just too high for us to keep stock on-hand.
Generally, no. However, we can design replacement 3d printer parts and print them using the desired color of ABS material. For technical issues, it's is usually more cost effective to order you a new cell of the game which is significantly less than buying the entire Pachinko game. Contact us for more info.
We are Pachislo collectors as well, but do not resell them. We do not have any parts or vintage Pachinko units. We're focused on the latest Pachinko games.

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