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Sankyo introduced the Fortune frame in March of 2015 with the release of Mobile Suit Gundam 2R as the replacement for the popular EVOL frame.. This frame features an upgraded chance button and ridgid yolk. 80 titles were made for the Fortune frame and the game cells are largely interchangeable making these titles highly desirable for game rooms with limited space.

This frame comes in the following colors: Platinum, Blue Camo, Aqua, Gold, Green, Purple, Blue-Red, White and Red.

Note: the lowest volume setting on this machine is a bit on the loud side. Custom volume controls can be installed for an additional charge.

Replacement parts available on request.

Sankyo Fortune Frame (14)

Lady Gaga


Michael Jackson




Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion


Resident Evil Revelations




Mobile Suit Gundam 2


Macross Frontier Delta


Golgo 13 (drum)


Bunny & Bunny


Golgo 13


Macross Frontier 3


Macross Frontier 2


Mobile Suit Z Gundam - Last Shooting