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Heiwa is a pioneer of today's Pachinko experience. Their machines continually push the envelope and their gameplay is similar to a videogame. Their 2015 release of Lupin the III I'm a Superhero cemented their place in Pachinko history. Themes range from Cowboy Bebop, Jaws, Street Fighter IV, Ace Attorney to so many more. Heiwa also owns Amtex who makes titles such as Tokio Premium and Cats Eyes.

For more information about Heiwa, please see their official website.

Heiwa (24)

JAWS - It's a Shark Panic AGAIN!


Terminator 2


Cowboy Bebop


City Hunter


Lupin the Third - I'm a Super Hero (Fujiko edition)


Girls and Panzer


Samuari Champloo 2


Jaws 3


Flame of Recca 2


Negotiator Masayoshi Mashita


Ace Attorney


Chama 6


Chama 5


Maison Ikkoku - I love you