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Products used to maintain Pachinko Machines

on February 08, 2023

After 5yrs of trial and error experimenting with various products and approaches to learn what works best, here's what we use around the shop on a daily basis.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Dawn Powerwash

Super dirty plastic parts? This takes it right off. It’s our secret ingredient.

Plexi-clean Plastic & Glass Cleaner

Wipes away any remaining smoke. You’ll be surprised how good this is..

Glass Cleaner

Puts the finishing touches on front glass.

Novus plastic cleaner

Novus #1 is perfect for that showroom finishing look. Novus #2 is great at removing scratches. Novus #3, things have gone very wrong.

Novus buffing pad

Great buffing wheel when used with Novus #2 on a cordless drill.

Rolite Metal Polish Paste

Removes tar, gunk from gameboard pins. Use sparingly and carefully.


Used in everything just about everything. Pin cleaning, detailing small spaces, etc.

Shop Towels

Used in everything we do.

LPS Dry Film Silicon Lubricant

Lube for animatronic plastic gears.

Super Lube - Grease

Grease for animatronic supporting metal rods (typically Z-axis with spiral grooves).

Super Lube - Oil

Animatronic metal rods (x/y-axis). Used in conjunction above.

99% Isopropyl alcohol

Excessively tar-laden PCBs cleaner. Be careful. Don’t submerge parts!

50% Cream Peroxide

Used as part of Retrobright process to remove yellowing.



Xioai Micro Screwdriver

Game cells have hundreds of screws. Your hands will thank you.

Coreless Screwdriver

General purpose. Mostly used in frame-related disassembly.

Cordless Dremel

Used for polishing gameboard pins.

Dremel Flex Shaft

Pencil tip that attaches to Dremel.

Cordless Drill

Drilling holes to mount stands, buffing.


Mostly used to apply heat-shrink wrap while installing volume controls.

Glue Gun

Installing volume controls where they can’t be directly routed.

Electric Compressed Air

General purpose, removing waste from machine.

Hakko FX951

Installing volume controls.

Hakko FA400

Smoke absorber.

Pry tools + Microscrew Driver Bits

Usually cells have tiny things that won’t open and force will just break it. These ease entry into things that are normally difficult

Magnetic tray

Never enough of these. As machines are disassembled, each major area gets its own tray.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Great for cleaning/sanitizing parts and certain PCBs.

UV Light

Used as part of Retrobright process to remove yellowing.


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