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Update - Nov 22

on November 24, 2022

Hot Deals Sales

Wide selection of machines up to 70% off till Dec 12th. Learn more

Flexible Pachinko Machine Packages

To support the diverse needs of our customers, we've changed what's included with our Pachinko Machines. Learn more


Lower shipping prices, improved handling

While shipping material and rates continue to increase, we're lowering shipping prices! Crazy isn't it?  UPS created a fragile shipping program for us to switch from FedEx and we're passing 100% of the savings onto you.

Payment Installments

Many have asked and we're thrilled to announce support for payment installments via Shop Pay. Learn more

Heavy-duty Pachinko Stands

Now we're selling our new and improved heavy-duty Pachinko Stands! Previously, these were only available machine purchases as are make by hand and it was very time consuming. Now, we have a local facility making these for us.

We thank you for your continued business and interest in Pachinko!


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